Our Work

Acute Solutions has played a critical role for several large & small companies. When we asked for feedback, our clients had this to say...

Acute Solutions was asked to help an early stage medical device company develop their core technology and create a user-friendly design so they could start collecting feedback on their use model and core technology.

"Acute Solutions helped us develop our technology and guide us through the design process from early inception to production of a final device. Their feedback and expertise were invaluable when it came to planning resources and making key technical and business tradeoffs. Their experience and flexibility makes them one of Novopysis’ key partners.“

- Madhavi Gavini, President & CEO
Novopyxis, Inc. – Boston, Massachusetts


At the core, Acute Solutions believes in solid long-term relationships.

“Whenever I give design projects to Acute Solutions, I have full confidence that they will be handled professionally with a clear and well thought out program management approach. The ability to manage a project, along with the ability to quickly understand the task at hand and a breadth of design experience, means that I can efficiently transmit my design requirements and trust Acute to execute on-time with no hand-holding or unnecessary detours. These qualities have made Acute Solutions a go-to engineering partner for bioDevice.”

- Steve Auger, President
   bioDevice Partners – Cohasset, MA


Acute Solutions was asked to develop an intuitive one-step focus mechanism to enable use of a new converter technology enabling them to enter world-wide markets.

“We contracted Acute Solutions to add functionality to an existing camera design and the solution proposed was very elegant: meeting our functional requirements while also being easy to fabricate and assemble!

Chad’s technical depth both in optics and mechanics made establishing detailed requirements very easy. As well as the typical models and prints the final build package included excellent step-by-step assembly instructions for NI’s technicians as well as operating instructions that we were able to send directly to end users.”

- Keith Dowling, Director of Digital Imaging
   Narragansett Imaging - North Smithfield, RI