The Acute Solutions Difference. We deliver value to clients by providing an array of technical solutions that can be tailored to meet unique business constraints. Acute works with consideration for tradeoffs, in order to facilitate informed decision-making that may be critical to future business interests.


Acute Solutions is an engineering development consulting firm which uses its technical expertise to discover, develop and deliver solutions to clients’ requirements. Acute Solution’s proficiency and competence in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as Program Management, provide an ideal set of skills to help navigate difficult technical tradeoffs which face product development efforts in today's regulated markets. Acute Solutions maintains excellent relationships within a large vendor base; this facilitates rapid response and in-depth vendor insight with regard to component selection and fabrication. This optimization saves time and money in development stages.


Acute Solutions uses the latest development tools and research techniques to keep clients up to speed with the technology curve. Acute Solutions’ device master record and part management is done in SolidWorks. All design outputs / specifications are clearly documented, released through a change order process (CO/ECO), and published in a user-friendly PDF format –easily accessible to clients and their vendors. Utilizing the latest Microsoft Office 365 tools such as SharePoint and Lync aids in the maintenance of programs; the result is well-organized, efficient and seamless communication.

  • System Architectures
  • Mechanical Design
  • SolidWorks
  • CAD Database Management
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Design Tradeoffs
  • Development of Requirements & Analysis (DHF)
  • Well Documented Change History (COs/ECOs)
  • Build to Print Packages (DMR)
  • Office 365, SharePoint

Quality Management

Acute Solutions is prepared with a history of product development experience constrained by regulated environments. Thorough documentation ensures effective and measureable testing results. The design history file (DHF) is monitored regularly and guaranteed to be complete.